Stratmond caters to students, professors, research consultants, public leaders, and NGOs, among other public sector stakeholders. If you are an undergrad, masteral, or doctoral student in need of thesis/manuscript editing, ask us to do this for you. For professors, we also are open to technical writing, editing, packaging academic/scientific papers to lighten your workload.  We also assist policymakers and NGOs for development work that involves communication, such as for information dissemination campaigns.

As a medical doctor treats his patients’ information with the highest confidentiality, we understand and go to great lengths to make sure that your precious work is completely safe and secure, that among Stratmond’s many other measures of high quality.

Some solutions that we can provide you are:

  • Thesis/Dissertation editing;
  • Research and Extension report/publication: (a) editing and (b) layout/packaging/design;
  • Scientific/Technical planning, research, writing, editing, and design;
  • Public Opinion research and campaigns;
  • Program Evaluation and Policy Impact studies; etc.

Send us details, requests, and documents about your project/s, and soon collaborate with Stratmond as your creative and scientific thinking partner.