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Communication Planning Is communication planning costly? - To minimize risk and avert crisis, you have to start with proper analysis and planning. Not having a strong plan could cost you far more losses than what you thought you just saved by skimping on planning.
Hiring: Copy Editors What makes newsletters effective? - Newsletters are a staple when it comes to engaging your loyal following. The challenge with this particular medium is not just in capturing new subscribers – what’s equally crucial, if not more, is sustaining their trust in your brand through your articles. So, what entices people to keep paying attention?
Communication over coffee Communication for startups - Embarking on a new business venture is rough and complex. It entails risk, forces you to move beyond your comfort zone and muster adrenaline-pumped entrepreneurial superpowers that you never knew you had.  In this modern digital information era, moving your products and services along just won’t do.  You need to develop and sustain meaningful relations […]