May Gordoncillo Payabyab

May Gordoncillo Payabyab is the proud founder of Stratmond Communication Inc. She first graduated from college in the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños with a bachelor’s degree in Development Communication. Stratmond’s founder then earned her master’s degree in Communication Research from UP Diliman. She also acquired specialized training on the Google-developed Product Design Sprint Methodology for Innovation from the Six Sigma School in the Philippines, among other saw-sharpening experiences. From then on, her early professional journey inspired her affinity for new media and instilled a knack for automating processes balanced with human agency at the forefront.


Marrying Binary Oppositions

There is a missing piece in the conventional route of executing online campaigns. It’s missing the bigger picture, the communicative element that completes the grand scheme of things, making misinformation (fake news), inauthentic social interaction (trolls), and other online anomalies rampant.

It is the founder’s passion to marry the offline and online world seamlessly and ethically — creating digital campaigns that are intertwined with intuitive, smart, data-driven, and behavioral objectives that are deeply rooted in sound principles.  It is a fun challenge for her to find the equilibrium between new and traditional media, online and offline methods, robotic vs human agency, and commercial and social interests.

Having a strong online presence that tells a story, incites positive behavioral change, and drives highly efficient/profitable operations (something that a mere social profile alone won’t do) can transcend time, space, and even socioeconomic boundaries. But of course, print and other traditional means of communication never has and never will go out of style. There is something about the smell and texture of a newly minted journal; the old romance of a vintage/classic book; or the soothing and therapeutic effects of writing freehand that is just indispensable in our day-to-day lives.

Principled Foundations

The founder’s analytical, creative, and visionary ways of thinking create campaigns that merge technical strategy with creative intuition and behavioral/analytic results. She has worked in private corporations, with international NGOs, in the academe, and in government.  With these range of experiences, Stratmond’s founder sees the industry’s potential and problems/gaps as take off points to improve fundamental communication industry practices.

May applies what she acquired from within and outside quaint classroom walls and corporate office dens, ever so conscious of ethics and authenticity. So rest assured that your projects and campaigns are in the best hands at Stratmond.

Because of these strong foundations, Stratmond’s solutions are anchored on these four diamond principles: integrity, professionalism, authenticity, and precision.  Join us in changing the way modern society communicates for the better — towards ethical, strategic, and a more humane digital information age.


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