Stratmond Communication Inc. is an SEC-registered corporation that helps you build strategic and meaningful connections with your audience.

Stratmond is all about effective strategies and strong execution.  Our team is clearly guided by these four core principles to make sure that your campaigns are in the best hands:

  1. Integrity
  2. Quality
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Authenticity

Ethics is at the very heart of our operations. We do not cut corners. Those four diamond principles are what drive us to achieve your goals and streamline operations through strategic communication.


We treat your precious projects as we would our own, if not better. Our job is to create communication plans and platforms to optimize your organization’s performance, streamline scattered operations, and deeply manage stakeholder relations across multiple layers.

Communication is an investment and not a luxury.  We see to it that we exhaust all possible means to create data-driven campaigns that give you more leads, inquiries, and behavioral conversions working towards achieving your goals.


Stratmond Communication Inc. is dedicated to serving businesses and organizations, small or large, as your marketing and communication arm locally and across the globe.

Media literacy is our passionate advocacy.  Our goal is to contribute to a more socially responsible media creation and consumption environment on both traditional and new media – from print to web.


Let’s find a solution just for you. Contact us today.