Newsletters are a staple when it comes to engaging your loyal following. The challenge with this particular medium is not just in capturing new subscribers – what’s equally crucial, if not more, is sustaining their trust in your brand through your articles. So, what entices people to keep paying attention?

In communication, whether it be traditional or new media, content is king. Write with the honest intention of helping your audience first, and selling second. Trust and influence is best reciprocated when people sense your genuine integrity and authentic concern to solve their problems.

Arouse emotions. Now, note that this is different from sensationalism – which is the unethical way of evoking reactions from your audience, so be careful not to go too far. What this means is humanize your story, keep it close to your audience’s experiences and make the story relatable to them.

These are just a few of the key strategies helpful in creating a newsletter that works to your advantage, and not one where people often turn away. Are your newsletters contributing to giving you a faster ROI and converting passive attention to active behavioral engagement? Ask us to help you assess how your campaign is fairing against high communication standards and your current business environment.

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